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Myanmar Defence Force held a videoconference with the United Nations Special Envoy for Myanmar

Five people have been killed in an explosion in Myanmar's Burgundy province

△So Win, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Myanmar National Defense Force

February 5th, local time, Deputy General Soe Win, Vice Chairman of the Myanmar National Management Council and Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Myanmar National Defense Force, raised a meeting in Nay-Tur and Swiss diplomat Christine Schraner Burgener, the United Nations Special Envoy for Myanmar.

Videoconference, the first dialogue between the Myanmar military and senior United Nations officials since taking over state authority on February 1.

During the video conference, Deputy General Sowen briefed Special Envoy Birgener on the detailed process of the military’s takeover of state power.

Special Envoy Birgener reiterated the strong condemnation of the Myanmar military’s military action by United Nations Secretary-General Guterres.

Myanmar held federal parliamentary elections last November, and the NLD won more than half of the seats in the federal parliament.

Recently, the Myanmar military and the NLD have been divided over the results of the general election.

The military believed that there was fraud in the general election, asked the Electoral Commission to investigate and postponed the convening of a new federal parliament, but it was rejected.

Myanmar military television said on the 1st that the presidential palace announced the transfer of state power to Min Aung Lai, the commander-in-chief of the National Defense Force.

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