Mr. and Mrs. Pence went back to their hometown and had no house to live in. They went to other people’s homes to “rub the sofa”

Mr. and Mrs. Pence (AP)

January 26th – According to the website Business Insider of the United States on the 26th, the former Vice President Pence and his wife left the vice presidential residence and fell into a state of homelessness.

After returning to Pence’s hometown, Indiana, the two had no fixed residence and had to go to someone else’s house to “rub the sofa”.

The official residence of the Vice President of the United States in Washington (Getty Images)

A source said that the Pences are currently living in a holiday cottage in the governor of Indiana. 

Two Republicans close to Pence said they heard that the Pences were living at their brother’s home in Columbus, Indiana.

The report said that it is certain that the Pences have no house and have no place to go when they move out of the vice presidential residence in Washington.

Pence basically disconnects from Trump (Reuters)

In addition to having no housing, Pence also faces security threats.

Three weeks ago, on January 6, Trump supporters rushed into the U.S. Congress and threatened to “die Pence”.

At that time, Pence and his family were only 30 meters away from the demonstrators.

The cause of this matter was that Trump asked Pence to refuse to certify the voter vote results, but Pence did not agree.

At present, Pence has basically cut off all ties with Trump.