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Mother of a murdered Chinese student choked up before returning to China: The rest of her life was picked up by everyone

Mother of a murdered Chinese student choked up before returning to China: The rest of her life was picked up by everyone

Zheng Shaoxiong's mother delivered a speech at the donation handover ceremony (Chicago Overseas Chinese Network)

December 15th – On the 11th local time, the parents of Zheng Shaoxiong, a Chinese student killed at the University of Chicago, attended the donation handover ceremony in the United States. Zheng’s mother, who suffered from the loss of her son, choked up that the love of the whole world lifted herself to hell and let her see the light again. She bowed deeply to caring people from all walks of life and promised to live an active life and be a big spreader for the rest of her life.

According to a report by World Journal and Chicago Overseas Chinese Network, on the same day, the Overseas Chinese Federation in Greater Chicago, witnessed by lawyers, handed over more than 30 million dollars of donations raised by all walks of life in the United States to Zheng Shaoxiong’s parents who plan to return to China this week.

Zheng Shaoxiong’s mother bowed to thank her (Chicago Overseas Chinese Network)

More than a month ago, 24-year-old Zheng Shaoxiong was killed in a gun robbery near Zhida University. His parents crossed the ocean with great grief and began to take their son home.

At the donation handover ceremony, Zheng’s mother delivered a touching speech. She said that when she heard the bad news of her son’s murder at the beginning, she felt like a “fall in the sky”. She did not dare to accept the cruel reality and even thought that her life would disappear with her son’s departure.

Zheng’s mother said that she decided to cross the ocean and take her son home. “Warm my dear son’s last journey”. She said that it was the love from all over the world that “lifted me up my life when I fell into hell and let me see the light again.”

On November 16, Chinese students at Chiba University gathered and shouted, “Come to study, not come to die”

“As Zheng Shaoxiong’s mother, I was lifted up for the rest of my life! Please rest assured that with the blessing of your love, I will be brave, strong and positive in the future!” Zheng’s mother said, “For the rest of my life, I must be a spreader of love and continue to pass on the beauty and warmth of love I have learned from everyone, because your kindness makes me firmly believe that love is the flame of life. Without it, everything will become dark!”

Finally, she bowed deeply and thanked everyone for their love, which made her regain confidence in life and face the rest of her life bravely and positively.

The suspect who shot Zheng Shaoxiong

On November 9, local time, Zheng Shaoxiong was killed by a gun robbery near Zhida University. The suspect is a 19-year-old man of African descent, who has been charged with first-degree murder, armed robbery and illegal use of weapons. He also has a large number of juvenile delinquency. After shooting Zheng, he ran away and sold the stolen electronic products for about $100. ( Overseas Network Liu Qiang)

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