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Moscow Oblast, Russia, requires vulnerable people to extend their self-isolation period.

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On October 22, local time, in a subway line in Moscow, Russia, staff hung ultraviolet lights to disinfect the subway car.

November 30 According to a report by Russian satellite network on the 30th, the official website of the Moscow Oblast Government of Russia said that the governor Andrei Vorobyov issued an order affected by the coronavirus epidemic, requiring people over 65 years old and suffering from a series of chronic diseases in the region to extend their self-isolation until December. 13th.

According to reports, on November 29, 1,069 new coronavirus cases were added in Moscow Oblast, with a total of nearly 110,000 confirmed cases.

In an effort to prevent and control the outbreak, Governor Volobyov issued an order requiring that “people over 65 years old in the region and suffering from a series of chronic diseases listed in the attachment shall not leave their place of residence (staying place), including residential and garden houses, until December 13, 2020.

Previously, the self-quarantine status of such personnel in the state was valid until November 29.

It is also ordered that the social security cards of such personnel will be locked. The remote-learning mode for students in the region’s colleges and secondary professional schools will also continue until December 13, and their transportation cards will also be locked.

Accordingly, the region shall prohibit the holding of mass activities requiring the presence of the audience and the museums before December 13.

According to the report, Vorobyov previously said that although in self-isolation, the elderly in Moscow Oblast will still have access to shops and hospitals.

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