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Morrison was treated coldly at the “Five Eyes Ally” hosting conference and didn’t even have a chance to speak.

Morrison was treated coldly at the "Five Eyes Ally" hosting conference and didn't even have a chance to speak.

December 11th – According to Australian Daily and Sky News Network on the 11th, Australian Prime Minister Morrison was asked an embarrassing question in an interview on the 10th: China, Kazakhstan and other countries were given the opportunity to speak at an international climate conference.

Why didn’t Australia have ? In response, Morrison defended that “no many countries have spoken, nor have New Zealand.”

According to Australian media reports, the international climate conference mentioned by the reporter is the upcoming Climate Ambition Summit on the 12th.

Hosted by the United Nations, the United Kingdom and France, the event coincides with the fifth anniversary of the signing of the Paris Agreement. Morrison had hoped to speak at the meeting because the Australian government recently adjusted its long-term carbon emission forecast, and one of the organizers, Britain, was Australia’s “five-eyed ally”, but Morrison did not get a speech.

Morrison responded when asked about the matter, “There are many countries that have not spoken, and New Zealand has not.” He also stressed that Australia’s climate and energy policy is formulated for the national interest, not for obtaining a speaking place at some international summits. Australia is meeting emission reduction targets to ensure that the commitments in the Paris Agreement are met.

Not only was it not valued at the United Nations Climate Conference, but Morrison also faced pressure from Pacific island countries when he attended the online Pacific Islands Climate Forum on the 11th.

They hope that the Australian government will take stronger action on climate change and further reduce emissions.

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