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More than 400 people were tricked!” Mysterious disease has invaded this country! Local government: the cause of the disease or related to it…

More than 400 people were tricked!" Mysterious disease has invaded this country! Local government: the cause of the disease or related to it...

Recently, an unknown disease occurred in Andhra Pradesh, southern India, which has now caused more than 400 people to be hospitalized and one person has died. Indian officials are investigating that organochlorine used in pesticides or pesticides is suspected to be the cause of the strange disease.

Since the 5th, in Eluru, Andhra Pradesh, India, residents have successively experienced dizziness, epilepsy, sudden fainting, foaming at the mouth and other symptoms. As of the 8th local time, more than 400 people have been hospitalized for this disease, but the cause of the outbreak is unknown.

BBC Reporter Depsey Bassini: The local government has told us that everyone has tested negative for the novel coronavirus, so the possibility of COVID-19 infection has been ruled out.

India’s Ministry of Health said that there was no human-to-human transmission of the disease. Preliminary blood tests found no evidence of viral infection, ruling out infectious diseases such as dengue fever.

According to Reuters, the local government suspects that the strange disease may be related to water pollution. Investigators are investigating the water supply in 20 locations and adjacent areas in the city of Elulu, where the outbreak of the epidemic for the first time.

The Times of India reported that preliminary analysis of several test reports almost determined that the disease was related to organochlorine and was currently awaiting confirmation from the laboratory report.

The chlorine in organic compounds is called organochlorine. Organochlorine pesticides that have been eliminated, organochlorine plastics, rubbers, etc., which were once used to be organochlorine around people.

Organochlorine poisoning often causes poisoning by accidental eating, licking grass feed, vegetables, etc. sprinkled with organochlorine preparations.

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