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Mondale, the father of the euro, died.

Relations between Russia and the West have tightened again after U.S. sanctions against Russia

Shelve the dispute, the leaders of the 27 EU countries have reached an agreement on a long-term budget proposal.

On the morning of April 5th, according to China News Service @ Guo is a through train microblog, Robert Mondale, the 1999 Nobel Prize winner and “father of the euro”, died of illness at his home in Italy on Easter Day on April 4. At the age of 88.

China News Service Guangdong Branch contacted Li Daxi, chairman of the International Chinese Science and Technology Business Association, a very familiar American company in Mondale, to confirm the news.

Mondale’s son Bill told Lee, “My father died a few hours ago. May he rest in peace. I can’t believe it’s Easter. What’s more incredible is that I dreamed that he was refreshed and conscious last night. It’s like I witnessed his resurrection with my own eyes.”

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