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Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Tunisia: Tunisia is unlikely to implement a comprehensive “blockade” order again due to financial constraints

The epidemic continues to spread in the Middle East. Many countries promote the deployment of vaccines.

Tunisian media reported on the 2nd that Tunisian Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and official government spokesperson Alfa Benoda said on the same day that it is impossible to implement a complete “blockade” order again in Tunisia because Tunisia does not have the financial capacity to implement this measure.

Bennuda said in a program on Tunisia’s Mosabic Radio that Tunisia cannot be compared with other countries such as Britain and France. Although the United Kingdom and France announced a complete “blockade”, Tunisia has limited financial capacity compared with these countries. Tunisia is experiencing a very difficult financial and economic crisis under severe social pressure. A comprehensive “blockade ban” if approved will have serious consequences, especially for vulnerable groups.

On October 28, the Prime Minister of Tunisia, after meeting with cabinet members and pandemic prevention experts, decided to upgrade pandemic prevention measures across the country, including extending curfews in 24 provinces across the country, suspending inter-provincial traffic, banning inter-provincial travel, and suspending school courses And measures to prohibit gatherings of more than four people.

Recently, Tunisia has an average of about 1,000 new confirmed cases of coronavirus every day. Up to now, Tunisia has a total of 61,906 confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia and a total of 1,381 deaths. 

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