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Mexico passes a new security law to directly attack the “cross-border anti-drug operation” of the United States.

The number of deaths caused by drug overdose in the United States hits a new record

According to Reuters on the 16th, the Mexican House of Representatives passed an amendment to the security law by 329 votes to 98 local time on Tuesday to restrict the activities of foreign agents in Mexico.

This bill will not be conducive to Mexico’s joint efforts with the United States to combat drug trafficking groups.

The amendment was reportedly seen as a “big attack” on the United States, and Mexico and the United States have recently been tense in anti-drug operations. The amendment also means that Biden will face new controversy when he takes office next month.

Previously, former Mexican Defense Minister Sionfuegos was arrested in the United States in October on drug trafficking and corruption charges, and there was a diplomatic conflict between Mexico and the United States.

The detention of Cienfuegos reportedly prompted Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to question the role of the United States Drug Enforcement Agency, and the President described it as a rampant rogue institution.

The U.S. Department of Justice said on November 17 that it would withdraw the charges against Cienfuegos and send him back to Mexico for potential prosecution.

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