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Mexican President Lopez recommends G20 debt relief for poor countries

In order to save money, the President of Mexico abolished the "big housekeeper"

U.S. Embassy in Mexico (Source: Reuters)

November 22, local time, when attending the online meeting of the 15th G20 Leaders Summit, Mexican President Lopez suggested that the leaders of the G20 member states reduce or exempt the debts of poor countries and related handling fees to help them make the transition Overcome the economic crisis caused by the Coronavirus. 

He pointed out that since the beginning of the epidemic, the debt of these countries has increased by an average of 20%. The debt problem may affect the economic stability of these countries and harm people’s livelihood.

Lopez said that only solidarity and mutual assistance can help all countries through the difficult moments together.

The G20 is capable of providing a model for overcoming the global public health crisis and the serious economic crisis that followed. 

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