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Merkel: US extraterritorial sanctions on “Nord Stream 2” are unreasonable

Merkel: US extraterritorial sanctions on "Nord Stream 2" are unreasonable

△Image source: German government official website

January 21st local time, German Chancellor Angela Merkel reiterated her support for the “Nord Stream 2” natural gas pipeline project. 

Merkel said at a press conference that day (21st) that after visiting the White House, “Nord Stream 2” will still be one of the differences between virtues and the two sides will discuss this issue. She also emphasized that the US sanctions on “Nord Stream 2” are unreasonable.

Merkel said that Germany and the United States must clarify which economic relations with Russia in the natural gas field are acceptable and which are unacceptable. 

She pointed out that the United States and Russia also have trade relations in the oil field. 

Merkel also believes that the two sides must openly discuss whether Germany does not need to trade with Russia in the gas industry at all, and the degree of dependence that can be tolerated.

Recently, the “Nord Stream 2” project has been under tremendous pressure from the United States and Europe. 

The United States notified the German government on the 18th of this month that it would impose sanctions on the “Nord Stream 2” engineering ship. 

On the 21st, the European Parliament will vote to suspend the construction of the “Nord Stream 2” project.

The “Nord Stream 2” project aims to lay a natural gas pipeline connecting Russia and Germany through the Baltic Sea bottom. 

The pipeline has a total length of more than 2,300 kilometers, 94% of which has been completed so far, and most of the unfinished parts are located in Danish waters.

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