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Melbourne, Australia, cancels New Year’s Eve fireworks. Sydney will be held as usual but can only be seen from a distance.

A International students fell into the water. Australian policewoman jumped into the river to save lives. Both of them died.

Australia under the epidemic.

December 28 According to a report on the 28th of Da’, New Year’s Day 2021 is approaching, and the coronavirus epidemic is still spreading in Australia.

Victoria and New South Wales have taken different measures for New Year’s Eve.

It is reported that Melbourne, Victoria, announced the cancellation of New Year’s Eve fireworks.

Meanwhile, after the outbreak of coronavirus in Sydney, the Victoria government warned that no one but his immediate family “should not kiss and hug each other on New Year’s Eve”.

In addition, the Victoria government said, “Don’t say goodbye to the good habit that has become a part of our daily life”, “just like Christmas this year will be a little different

New Year’s Eve will be different.” The government urged people to carry hand sanitizer with them to attend year-end celebrations, distance themselves from strangers, and urged people to wear masks if they were in the crowd.

Although New Year’s fireworks have been cancelled, Melbourne will hold a two-day outdoor food festival to make up for the loss of not setting off fireworks.

In Sydney, it is reported that the 2021 New Year’s Eve fireworks show will be held as usual.

However, people may need to watch the ceremony from afar at home or in an in-flight restaurant, instead of gathering by the harbor to experience the beautiful scenery up close.

New York Governor Berejiklian said it is necessary to ensure that the state capital will not waste “any time in introducing unnecessary mandatory regulations”.

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