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Melania was exposed to Florida to see school for her son after packing in the White House

Melania was exposed to Florida to see school for her son after packing in the White House

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December 14 Several media mentioned that the first lady of the United States Melania recently went to Florida to inspect the new school for her son Barron Trump.

According to a report from the Daily Mail on the 13th, a source said that Melania visited Pine Crest in Fort Lauderdale, which is a private school about 40 minutes from Sea Lake Manor. By car, the annual tuition is 35,000 US dollars. 

“They searched Palm Beach County and neighboring Broward County and will make a decision soon.”

According to the report, the 14-year-old Barron will not continue his studies at the St Andrew’s Episcopal school where he currently attends (St Andrew’s Episcopal school), but will transfer to a school in Florida. 

In 2019, Trump and Melania have changed their permanent residence from New York to Florida. Another source revealed that “they are looking for a school for Barron and also looking for a house near Sealake Manor.

Their current thinking is that they will live in Sealake Manor first after leaving the White House.”

According to a CNN report on the 9th local time, while Trump tried his best to stay in the White House, a person familiar with Melania’s state of mind revealed that Melania “only wanted to go home”, and that he would be very positive about Trump in 2024.

The road to victory that may be contested again this year feels “should not be too smooth.” 

According to the report, Melania has already begun arranging to move to Florida, including helping her 14-year-old son Byron transfer school, and packing personal belongings in the White House, considering what to send to Trump Tower in New York, and what must be Sent to Sea Lake Manor. 

In addition, the interior designer hired by Trump when he entered the White House in 2017 has also begun to oversee the painting and renovation projects of the Sea Lake Manor in recent weeks.

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