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Mayor of Istanbul: Learned from China’s anti-pandemic experience!

Mayor of Istanbul: Learned from China's anti-pandemic experience!

Recently, the pandemic in Turkey has rebounded seriously, with a daily increase of cases of more than 30,000, of which Istanbul, the largest city, is the most serious. Even Mayor Imam Oulu has been diagnosed with the virus!

Although he has recovered so far, his personal experience makes him know how serious the epidemic situation is! What are the challenges facing Istanbul’s fight against the epidemic? Why do you want to thank you for your help from China? Poke the video and listen to what the mayor of Istanbul said!

Istanbul, like other cities in Turkey, imposed a weekend “foot ban” to curb the continued spread of the epidemic. In addition, restaurants and cafes prohibit canteen only provide takeout services, and the business hours of shopping malls are also shortened accordingly.

However, the epidemic has been outbreak in Turkey for nearly nine months. Istanbul, with tourism as the pillar industry, the current economic situation is very serious.

Imam Olu said that Istanbul has been learning from China’s anti-epidemic experience and thanked the friendly city of Guangzhou for its help.

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