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Maradona’s death is full of doubts? The ambulance didn’t arrive at the scene in half an hour, and the doctor was searched by the police.

Maradona's death is full of doubts? The ambulance didn't arrive at the scene in half an hour, and the doctor was searched by the police.

The sudden death of football superstar Maradona shocked the whole of Argentina and the whole world. According to a report by Al Jazeera TV station in Qatar on November 29, Argentine police have also launched an investigation into the death in Maradona while commemorations and memorials are held all over the world.

According to previous media reports, Maradona suddenly felt unwell in early November. After being sent to hospital, he found a blood clot in his brain and was discharged from the hospital after emergency surgery in a private clinic.

His attending physician once said, “Maradona is in exceptionally good condition now, and we are all surprised at the speed of his recovery.” But just after the operation, Maradona died on November 25.

According to Al Jazeera, Argentine police have searched the home and office of Leopoldo Luque, a doctor in Diego Maradona, and taken away medical records. After the search, the neurologist, Lu Kui, told reporters that he had provided investigators with all the records of his reception of Maradona, as well as computers, hard disks and mobile phones.

He said: “I know what I have done. I know how I did it…I absolutely believe I did the best (diagnoses) for Maradona and the best I could do.” Luqui also clarified that he was not the attending doctor of Maradona, but a member of a medical team.

According to a statement issued by the local prosecutor’s office, the search warrant for the search operation was signed by a local judge at the request of the prosecutor of San Isidro district of Buenos Aires. In a statement, the prosecutor’s office said, “Based on the evidence collected, it is necessary to request a search of Dr. Leopoldo Luque’s home and office.”

Previously, Maradona’s lawyer Matthias Mora had previously said that he would demand a comprehensive investigation into the specific circumstances of the football legend’s death. He also criticized the slow response of the emergency service department, saying on Twitter that “It took more than half an hour for ambulances to arrive. It was a stupid crime. .”

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