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Many places in Albania are snowy and snowy, and road traffic and power supply in mountainous areas have been affected.

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△ Albania has widespread snow and strong windy weather

According to Albania’s Daily News, from the early morning of February 13th local time, Albania has experienced widespread snow and strong winds.

In Korca County in the southeastern mountains, police blocked a rural road and required

The active wheels of small cars to be equipped with anti-skid chains to drive on the other three main roads.

In the Diber area in the east, some villages and towns were powered by damage to air transmission and change lines.

It should be interrupted; in the northern city of Skoutai, the snow turned into sleet after dawn, which aggravated the problem of waterlogging caused by rainfall in recent days.

The flooded field has reached 5370 hectares. Meanwhile, the water level of two major rivers and one reservoir in the area is still above the alert level.

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