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Many people were injured in an explosion in a chemical plant in southern India.

A boiler exploded in a factory in southern Pakistan, killing 8 people and injuring 15.

New Delhi, December 12

An explosion occurred in a chemical plant in Telangana, southern India, on the 12th and caused a fire. At least 10 workers have been injured, two of them seriously.

According to Indian media reports, an explosion and fire broke out of a chemical plant in the industrial park outside Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana, injuring at least 10 workers, two of whom were seriously injured.

Witnesses said that when workers were seen fleeing the factory after the explosion, thick smoke billowed from the factory.

The report said that the explosion was at lunchtime, and most workers ate outside the factory. So far, there may still be workers trapped, the exact number of people is unknown.

After receiving the alarm call, the local fire department quickly rushed to the scene, and the search and rescue and fire fighting work are still in progress. The injured have been sent to the hospital for treatment.

It is reported that the local police have filed a case and started to investigate the specific cause of the explosion.

Production accidents in Indian chemical plants occur from time to time.

In May this year, a toxic gas leak occurred at a chemical company in Andhra Pradesh, southern India, killing 11 people, including one child, and more than 200 people were treated.

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