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Many Latin American countries urgently announced the suspension of flights with the United Kingdom.

Colombia launches Coronavirus vaccination for uniformed personnel

△ Colombia's capital Bogotá El Dorado International Airport (Photo from Weekly)

December 21st, local time, many Latin American countries took temporary emergency epidemic prevention measures, suspended flights with the United Kingdom, and strengthened the isolation and epidemic prevention of inbound passengers with recent British travel history.

The Argentine government said that in view of the recent 70% increase in the infectivity of the new coronavirus variant in the United Kingdom, it has decided to allow the last plane from the United Kingdom to enter the country on the morning of the 21st local time.

After that, it will suspend flights with the United Kingdom and require passengers from the United Kingdom to quarantine for seven days.

The Chilean government said that foreign tourists who have been to the UK in the past 14 days will be banned from entering the country, and this regulation will take effect at midnight on the 22nd for two weeks.

The Colombian government announced the suspension of international flights to and from various parts of the UK from the 21st local time. It has not set a time to resume flights for the time being.

At the same time being, it requires passengers arriving in Colombia from the past 8 days to conduct self-isolation observation for 14 days, during which the isolation site cannot be changed.

In addition, Peru, El Salvador and other countries have announced similar policies to prevent imported cases.

Brazil, which has the largest number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Latin America, has not yet announced restrictions on flights to and from the United Kingdom.

According to Brazil’s current epidemic prevention policy, international passengers entering Brazil before December 30 are not required to hold a negative COVID-19 test report.

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