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Many Japanese candidates may not pass the “college entrance examination” due to nucleic acid testing.

Many Japanese candidates may not pass the "college entrance examination" due to nucleic acid testing.

Photo Source: Kyodo News Agency

January 15th – The Japanese University Admission Common Test, known as the “Japanese College Entrance Examination”, will be held simultaneously in many places in Japan on the 16th.

However, due to the failure to pass the nucleic acid test, many candidates may face the situation of being unable to take the exam and forced to make up for the examination.

According to a report on the website of Japan’s Asahi Shimbun on the 15th, the organizer of the examination stipulates that candidates who are identified as close contacts with COVID-19 must test negative for nucleic acid before taking the examination, otherwise they must take a make-up test.

The make-up examination time is January 30 and 31.

Photo Source: Kyodo News Agency

The organizer also stipulates that if you are a candidate who has close contact with COVID-19, you can take the examination in another room if you meet the conditions such as as asymptomatic if they are tested and judged to be “negative” by nucleic acid.

However, due to the recent rapid increase in the number of infected people in Japan, many candidates have not been able to be tested.

The organizer said that he could not take the examination without nucleic acid testing or the results of the examination were unknown, but they could apply for a make-up examination.

On October 15, 2020, the Ministry of Liberal Arts announced that close contacts of COVID-19 can also take the common test of college admission in lieu of the university center examination.

In the notice issued by the Ministry of Liberal Arts and Technology of Japan in June, close contacts were unable to take part in the test during quarantine.

Participants need to show negative test results and do not show relevant symptoms on the day of the examination before taking the test in a special classroom.

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