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Many European countries have suspended flights to and from the United Kingdom. Eurostar is also almost suspended.

Starting from Sunday (20th), many European countries, including Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands, have decided to ground international flights to and from the United Kingdom, and Belgium has also stopped Eurostar Express trains to and from London.

France and Germany are about to enact the same measures.

The British Department of Health and Prevention announced earlier that a more infectious COVID-19 variant is accelerating its spread in the capital London and surrounding southeastern England, and about 70% of the newly confirmed cases are related to this.

The British government began to impose a level four-level blockade in London and some surrounding areas from Sunday.

Retail stores and most places of non-essential supplies were closed, and the previously allowed holiday family gatherings were also banned. Tens of millions of Britons will usher in an unprecedented holiday in a state like a total lockdown.

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