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Many African countries call on the West to lift illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Support

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On October 26, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian presided over a regular press conference. October 25 is the “anti-sanctions day” established by the Southern African Development Community. 

Yesterday, many African countries called on the West to lift illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe as soon as possible. What’s China’s comment?

Zhao Lijian said that last year’s 39th Southern African Development Community Summit designated October 25 as “anti-sanctions day” and called on the United States and other countries and organizations to lift illegal sanctions against Zimbabwe as soon as possible.

 Yesterday was the second “anti-sanctions day.” We noticed that African countries once again made calls for justice, and China expressed support for this.

The United States and other individual countries and organizations have imposed unilateral sanctions on Zimbabwe for a long time, which has severely damaged Zimbabwe’s ability to develop economy and improve people’s livelihood, hinder efforts to deepen cooperation and achieve common development in southern Africa, and also impact the international political and economic order and global governance.

China has always firmly supported Zimbabwe and other African countries in opposing external interference and taking the path of independent development, and believes that the international community should play a constructive role in helping Africa maintain stability and achieve development.

 Individual countries and organizations such as the United States should lift illegal sanctions against Zimbabwe as soon as possible and take pragmatic actions to help Zimbabwe fight the epidemic and restore economic development.

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