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Mali officially dissolved the “National People’s Redemption Committee”

28 Togoian peacekeepers were injured in an attack in Mali

△ On August 18, 2020, on the streets of Bamako, the capital of Mali, people greeted the coup soldiers. ( Photo by AFP)

AFP reported on January 26 that the transitional government of Mali has issued a decree on the 18th to formally dissolve the National People’s Redemption Commission, which was led by soldiers after the military coup last August.

On August 18, 2020, Malian soldiers launched a coup to overthrow then President Keita and establish the National Committee of People’s Redemption, the power body headed by Colonel Asimi Goita.

Subsequently, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) imposed sanctions on Mali, including trade embargoes and border closures, and carried out many good offices efforts to hope that the country would restore constitutional order at an early date.

On September 25, Mali’s transitional president Ba Endo and Vice President Asimi Goita, chairman of the National People’s Redemption Committee, were sworn in, officially opening an 18-month political transition period in Mali and beginning to move towards the restoration of constitutional order.

On September 27, Ba Ndo signed a presidential decree appointing Mokta Vane, the former Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, as the transitional prime minister of Mali.

On October 5, ECICOM decided to lift sanctions against Mali. In December, six important Malian figures, including former Prime Minister Cice, were accused of attempting to launch a coup.

On January 12 this year, ECCAS urged the transitional government of Mali to dissolve the National People’s Redemption Commission.

The National Council for Redemption of the People has been dissolved under an AFP signature decree dated January 18 of the Malian government.

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