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Malaysian Prime Minister said that parliamentary elections would be held after the end of pandemic.

Pakistan confirms the first case of mutant COVID-19 infection

Malaysian Prime Minister Muhiddin Yassin said on the 28th that Malaysia will hold parliamentary elections after the end of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Indigenous Unity Party led by Muhidin held a videoconference on the same day. “We will hold parliamentary elections after the COVID-19 pandemic is over…put the decision to the people and let the people choose the government they want,” he said in his speech.

The Tutuan Party, the Malay National Unity Agency (UMNO) and some local political parties formed a coalition government, which began to govern in March. Mushidin’s government has a narrow advantage of only two seats in the lower house of the National Assembly and faces the hidden worry of instability.

Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim recently claimed to have won the support of a majority of parliamentarians to challenge the position of prime minister, and UMNO has frequently put pressure on Muhiddin. The first budget submitted by the House of Commons through the government on the 26th is equivalent to a vote of confidence in Muhidin, that is, Muhidin can continue to serve as Prime Minister.

Muhidin said he met with UMNO Chairman Ahmed Zahid Hamidi this week, and the two agreed to maintain the relationship between the two parties and avoid competing with each other in the election.

Malaysia is experiencing a new wave of COVID-19, and the number of new confirmed cases has soared. According to the data of the Malaysian Ministry of Health on the 28th, Malaysia reported 1,315 new confirmed cases on the same day, with a total of 63,176 confirmed cases so far.

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