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Major Brazilian cities cancel or postpone carnivals this year due to the pandemic

Major Brazilian cities cancel or postpone carnivals this year due to the pandemic

△ Brazil's National Health Supervision Bureau grants emergency use license to China's Kexing coronavirus vaccine (Photo Source: Brazilian State News Agency)

Rio de Janeiro, January 21 Eduardo Paez, mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, said on the 21st that the city did not have the conditions to hold this year’s carnival celebrations as scheduled under the current epidemic.

Other major cities in Brazil have also announced the cancellation or postponement of carnivals this year.

According to the calendar, this year’s carnival holiday is from February 13 to 16.

Salvador, São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Recife and other cities with large carnival celebrations in Brazil, have announced that this year’s carnival celebrations will not be held as scheduled.

The city of São Paulo said that it might be postponed to the middle of this year, or it may agree to the same date as the Salvadoran municipal government.

Rio de Janeiro Carnival is the largest and most well-known carnival in Brazil, and has been called “the greatest performance on earth”.

Affected by the epidemic, the city government of Rio de Janeiro postponed the carnival last year to July this year.

Paes said that carnival is important for economic development and the promotion of culture, but from the current situation, there are also no conditions for Carnival in July this year.

If vaccination goes well this year, Carnival is expected to resume next year.

Vaccination in Rio de Janeiro officially began on January 18, and as of the 21st, 32,000 people had been vaccinated against the first dose of Kelif.

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