Mainstream media in Kenya: Western hypocrisy will hinder Africa’s recovery from the coronavirus crisis

Kenya’s Star published an article on January 5, pointing out that the cold chain logistics conditions required for the current coronavirus vaccine are difficult for the African continent to reach, criticizing Western countries for rushing and hoarding vaccines, regardless of the needs of underdeveloped regions such as Africa.

The article said that at a time of coronavirus vaccination booms in Europe and North America, there are increasing concerns that nearly 90% of Africa’s population will miss vaccination.

So far, only two African countries – Egypt and Morocco have received a coronavirus vaccine from China. African health experts and officials worry that it may take a long wait for Africa to recover from the global health crisis.

The so-called global unity and fight against the epidemic in Western countries show more hypocrisy. The following factors contribute to this hypocrisy:

I. The cold chain logistics and storage facility standards required for the current coronavirus vaccine are difficult to meet on the African continent, which reflects that the actual situation of a part of the global population is not taken into account when developing the novel coronavirus vaccine, which is a scientific bias.

Second, developed economies have purchased 9 billion of the 12 billion doses of vaccines produced this year, and there is a phenomenon of “hoarding”.

This means that the production line will operate 24 hours a day to meet the needs of developed countries.

Third, it seems difficult for developed countries to fulfill their commitment to support developing countries to have equitable access to vaccines through the COVID-19 vaccine implementation plan.

Even if African countries can obtain vaccines covering 20% of their population through the COVID-19 vaccine implementation plan, they still have to buy expensive vaccines to cover the remaining population out of their own pockets, and considering the current economic situation of African countries, it will be difficult to achieve this goal.

The article said that the above factors will hinder Africa’s recovery from the health crisis, and called for new means to help alleviate Africa’s difficulties.

At the same time, it is pointed out that African countries should look for vaccines that meet local conditions in price, efficacy and storage logistics conditions. For example, some of China’s coronavirus vaccines are expected to meet Africa’s expectations.

In addition, China is also transferring some vaccine production to Africa, which will accelerate distribution in Africa and promote industrial cooperation and employment.

These practical anti-epidemic cooperation will also enhance China-Africa relations.

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