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Maduro’s son was vaccinated against the Russian-made coronavirus and hit his elbow happily with the Russian ambassador

President of Venezuela: The successful completion of the Constituent Assembly will end its term of office.

Maduro's son (left) and the Russian ambassador to Venezuela

December 13th According to Tass news agency, Venezuelan VTV said on the 12th that Nicolas Maduro Gra, the son of Venezuelan President Maduro, has been vaccinated against Russia’s “Sputnik V” against the novel coronavirus, becoming the first batch of Venezuela to be vaccinated against “Satellite V”. One of the people who have been vaccinated.

Maduro and his son (AP)

Maduro Gra, aged 30, has a degree in economics and was elected to Parliament earlier. He will be vaccinated in 20 days for a second dose of the coronavirus vaccine and under the supervision of experts. Maduro Gra said after vaccination, “I want to tell the world that Venezuela believes in Russia, its medicine and science.”

The report said that Sergei Melik-Baghddadzarov, the Russian ambassador to Venezuela, attended the vaccination ceremony and said Maduro Gra “feeled very good” after vaccination. The Russian Embassy in Venezuela also tweeted photos of Baghdad Sarov and Maduro Gra smiling elbows.

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