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Maduro said he is willing to open a “new road” with the United States

The European Union no longer recognizes Guaidó as the interim president of Venezuela.

Venezuelan President Maduro speaks at the Palace of Flower Watching at the Presidential Palace on April 8, 2020. ( Xinhua News Agency, Photo by the Venezuelan Presidential Palace)

According to AFP Caracas news, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said on 23 local time that he is willing to “turn the page” with the United States under the leadership of Joe Biden and open a “new path”.

Maduro told supporters: “We are willing to walk a new path with the Biden administration based on mutual respect, dialogue, communication and understanding.”

The Trump administration has repeatedly imposed economic sanctions on Venezuela to overthrow the Maduro regime, and on Jan. 23, 2019, the two countries completely broke off diplomatic relations due to the U.S. recognition of the Venezuelan opposition’s self-proclaimed “interim president.”

After Biden won the U.S. presidential election last November, Maduro reportedly congratulated him, saying Venezuela was “ready to dialogue and reach an understanding with the American people and government.

Analysts believe the Biden administration will take a more moderate stance toward Venezuela.

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