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Macron works in quarantine on his 43rd birthday. French officials revealed that he still has symptoms.

Macron works in quarantine on his 43rd birthday. French officials revealed that he still has symptoms.

Macron and Guria shake hands at the Elysee Palace on the 14th (BFMTV)

Paris, December 21 French President Macron ushered in his 43rd birthday on the 21st local time. French officials said that he continued to quarantine the presidential residence in Versailles on the same day while working. He still had symptoms, but his condition was still stable.

French government spokesman Attar released Macron’s health on the 21st, saying that Macron’s condition is still stable; after assessing Macron’s viral infection, the chief physician at the French presidential palace believed that he still had symptoms of viral infection.

Attal said that Macron continued to work while quarantined at the presidential residence in Versailles and attended the 21st meeting of ministers via video. The video shows Macron speaking in a mask at a bad speed.

Macron said at the ministerial meeting that as France’s average daily new confirmed cases have increased by 20% in the past week, government departments must remain vigilant about the epidemic. He also said that health sector epidemic data show that the spread of the virus is still at a high level, so people should be cautious during the Christmas holiday.

When it comes to the mutant COVID-19, Macron believes that this reflects the complexity of the virus and must be dealt with carefully. He said that France is cooperating with relevant European parties to seek to establish appropriate common response strategies.

Macron also briefly looked forward to next year’s work, saying that French officials will determine the priorities for the first half of next year in early January next year. He revealed that next year will meet economic and social challenges.

After Macron was diagnosed with the novel coronavirus on the 17th, he went to the presidential residence in Versailles for quarantine. Madame Macron Brigitt tested negative for the coronavirus and stayed at the Elysee Palace for quarantine.

French Health Minister Villán pointed out on the same day that the epidemic situation in France was “quite fragile and unstable”, the level of virus transmission was still very high, and the most important thing now is that the epidemic indicators must not be turned in the wrong direction.

According to the epidemic data released by the French Ministry of Health that night, France had a total of 2,479,151 confirmed cases on the 21st, and the cumulative number of deaths is now 60,900. The number of hospitalized patients with COVID-19 in France is now 25,233, of which 2,746 are seriously ill.

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