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Macron calls on Europe and the United States to donate vaccines to Africa: countries should take at least 3%, and the United States resolutely refuses.

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February 19 Recently, French President Macron said that Europe and the United States should urgently take out 3% to 5% of their stocks of coronavirus vaccine to support Africa.

He said that German Chancellor Merkel had agreed to plan to persuade the United States that he also planned to put forward this proposal at the G7 video summit on the 19th. However, the United States has resolutely refused.

According to AFP on the 18th, Macron put forward the above plan in an interview with the Financial Times.

He acknowledged that the European Union, including France, is currently slow and faces a shortage of coronavirus vaccination, but stressed that supporting vaccines will not affect the whole pace of vaccination in countries, or even delay the vaccination time of countries for a day.

Macron also said that the plan has nothing to do with “vaccine diplomacy” and is not a game of power, but a public health issue.” European countries will never be able to reopen without helping neighboring countries around the Mediterranean Sea, the Middle East and the Balkans.”

However, the report pointed out that the United States firmly rejected Macron’s proposal, saying that it would not donate any coronavirus vaccine to developing countries until the United States has sufficient vaccine supplies.

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