Macron Announces Strengthening of Border Control in France to Prevent Terrorism Threat

French President Macron announced on the 5th local time that it will strengthen French border control to prevent terrorist threats.

Macron went to inspect the border area between France and Spain on the same day and announced that France will double the number of border police and customs staff deployed in the border area from 2,400 to 4,800 to ensure French border security and prevent terrorism. Threatened.

The head of the French border police reported to Macron that after the French-Spanish border control measures taken to prevent and control the epidemic were cancelled in June, the French-Spanish border was reopened, and the number of people trying to cross the border into France has surged. Security personnel revealed that many of them were from North African countries such as Algeria and Morocco.

French public opinion generally believes that Macron’s move is related to the recent successive attacks. The suspect in the Nice attack smuggled from Tunisia to the island of Lampedusa in Italy in September. He took a train from Italy into France in October, and then launched an attack in Nice on October 29, causing many casualties; and in Austria on the 2nd of this month. The suspect who killed many people in Vienna had traveled to Slovakia to try to buy ammunition.

Macron said the recent attacks have warned Europe that the danger of terrorism “exists everywhere.” He pointed out that effective combating terrorism also means combating human trafficking activities related to terrorists. He believes that illegal immigrants and human traffickers are increasingly linked to terrorism.

Macron also hopes that Europe will respond more to the threat of terrorism. He called for necessary reforms to the rules for the free movement of people in the European Schengen area, agreed to strengthen border controls in the Schengen area, and “strengthened our common border security” by establishing a border force.

The current anti-terrorism situation in France is grim, and French officials have announced to strengthen the security protection of religious sites and schools.