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Los Angeles multi-units launch anti-hate crime week to call for curbing discrimination against Asians

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December 2 According to the World Daily, recently, the Los Angeles Anti-Hate Alliance, the Los Angeles County Labor Development Bureau, the Elderly and Community Service Bureau, and the Los Angeles County Interpersonal Relations Committee jointly launched the 2020 “Los Angeles Joint Anti-Hate Crime Week” campaign, calling for curbing Hate crimes, especially discrimination and hate crimes against Asians since the pandemic.

In 2019, Los Angeles received 524 hate crimes reported, a 36 percent spike from the lowest number in 30 years in 2013, according to the latest Los Angeles Hate Crime Report. During this period, hate crimes against African and Hispanics decreased significantly, while hate crimes against Asians rose by 32% and Middle Easterners surged by 142%. It is worth noting that the violent component of the new round of hate crimes has increased, and hate crimes with violent attacks rose from 61% in 2018 to 65% in 2019.

According to the hate crime report released by the Los Angeles Interpersonal Relations Commission, since March 2020, as many as 1,900 hate crimes against Asians have been reported in the United States due to the epidemic. Among them, between March 19 and May 13 alone, there were as many hate crimes against Asians in California. 900 cases.

Advocates call on the public to pay attention to hate crimes, prevent and resist hate crimes throughout the United States during the Joint Anti Hate Crime Week from November 30 to December 6, using community building posters, social media and educational resources. In addition, relevant units also encourage the public and victims to actively organize hate crimes.

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