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Los Angeles’ homeless crisis continues to intensify, and officials are overpaid and inaction

Los Angeles' homeless crisis continues to intensify, and officials are overpaid and inaction

January 31st, even if Los Angeles, California, the city of California, will face a fiscal deficit of $675 million, the Los Angeles Housing and Community Investment Department The Department), which still spent $55 million, employed about 737 employees in 2020, mainly responsible for the implementation of projects such as regulating housing regulations, providing services for the homeless and helping the poor, although the municipal government has made a lot of financial efforts to respond to the local housing crisis.

But the number of homeless people in Los Angeles is still increasing.

Previously, local residents voted in 2016 to issue a $1.2 billion bond in Los Angeles to provide 10,000 new apartments for the homeless, but the average cost per unit reached $559 million due to overspending on consultancy fees and construction costs, while the actual number of units built fell to 7,600.

In time, it is fundamentally impossible to meet the housing problem of the homeless.

According to the data of the city census, it is found that in 2020.

There are more than 40,000 homeless people in Los Angeles, an increase of 14.2% from the same period.

In response, Los Angeles County Mayor Thomas said that the rise in the number of homeless people in the city is rooted in the new influx of homeless people, and how to stop the influx of homeless people is the government’s primary problem.

At the same time, the Los Angeles municipal government’s inaction on the homeless policy has also been criticized by the public.

Rushmore Cervantes, the former director of the Los Angeles Department of Housing and Community Investment, resigned last July and is reported to have an annual salary of 25,493 when he served.

$7, which is higher than the salary of Ben Carson, the former U.S. government cabinet member, and U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, who also earn more than $200,000 from four assistant ministers in the department.

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