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Looking forward to 2021, the world has confidence in China’s economy.

Looking forward to 2021, the world has confidence in China's economy.

Reuters reported on December 17 that the recovery of Wuhan’s night economy shows people’s lifestyle in the post-epidemic era, which is an unimaginable scene when many cities around the world are affected by the resumption of the coronavirus epidemic.

Many hope that this lifestyle will become a reality in 2021 after the global promotion of the coronavirus vaccine.

In addition to paying attention to the recovery of Wuhan’s night economy, many foreign media continue to pay attention to the recovery and development of China’s economy, and are full of expectations for the future of China’s economy.

U.S. media: Foreign investment is bound to continue to flow into China

Bloomberg reported on the 18th that the data recently released by the Ministry of Commerce of China showed that new foreign investment in 2020 is expected to hit a new high.

This not only helps to push the economic rebound, but also as investment barriers are lowered, China is the only major economy that is likely to achieve growth this year, and foreign investment is bound to continue to flow into China.

The report quoted Adam Lisenko, an analyst at Rongding Consulting Group, saying that foreign companies, including American companies, will continue to invest in China “because China remains one of the most resilient economies during the global pandemic, and China’s future growth potential is still stronger than most other major economies.”

According to the report, the automobile industry is an increasingly active industry. Before the outbreak of the epidemic, China was already the world’s largest automobile market, and global car companies are looking forward to the recovery of Chinese demand.

For example, Nissan Motor Company said in October that it expects to recover losses in Chinese demand to other regions and plans to increase production capacity by about 30% next year.

The report also paid attention to the efforts made by the Chinese government to attract foreign investment. For example, the Ministry of Commerce and the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission recently said that they would give financial support to key foreign-funded enterprises.

According to the data of the Ministry of Commerce in August, from January to July this year, 18,838 new enterprises were established by foreign businessmen in China.

The world has confidence in China’s economy in the future.

Bloomberg recently issued an article saying that the national economic operation data released by the National Bureau of Statistics of China in November 2020 showed that in November, with the growth of industrial output and retail sales, China further led other major economies, and the expectation of healthy economic growth in 2021 was further strengthened.

△Reported by Bloomberg

China’s control of the epidemic is the reason why its economic performance is different from other countries. The latest data also shows that China’s economic recovery has expanded to the consumer sector, and consumer spending on cosmetics, jewelry and other commodities has grown strongly.

At the same time, the British think tank Oxford Institute of Economics and Goldman Sachs Group in the United States also raised their expectations for China’s economic growth next year.

Gao Lui, economist at the Oxford Institute of Economics in Hong Kong, said that in November, China’s economy continued to accelerate in all aspects, and “we expect that output will still be above trend in the next few quarters”.

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