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List of members of the new cabinet approved by the President of Lithuania

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Vilnius, December 7 Lithuanian President Nauseda signed a decree on the 7th, approving the list of a new cabinet with 14 ministers.

Nauseda said that the new cabinet took office when the country was in a difficult situation, and the top priority was to make a quick decision to effectively respond to the coronavirus crisis.

The Union of Fatherland – Lithuanian Christian Democrats Party, Liberal Party and Liberal Movement each recommended nine, three and two new cabinet ministers.

The three center-right parties signed an agreement on the establishment of a new ruling coalition on November 9.

In the Lithuanian parliamentary election held in October this year, the Union of Fatherland-Lithuanian Christian Democrats became the largest party in the parliament.

Subsequently, the party elected Ingrida Ximonit, an independent, as the new Prime Minister of Lithuania, and Nauseda signed a decree on November 25 to formally appoint him as Prime Minister.

The Constitution of Lithuania stipulates that the new Prime Minister shall submit to the Parliament within 15 days the list of cabinet members approved by the President, as well as the governance platform of the new government.

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