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Libya’s National Center for Disease Control: There is a serious shortage of COVID-19 test agents and testers.

The Ukrainian armed forces have reported 70 deaths from COVID-19.

The Libyan National Center for Disease Control issued a press release on the 20th local time, saying that the current testing of COVID-19 in Libya is limited to acute and severe cases; on the one hand, it is due to the shortage of laboratory testers, and on the other hand, due to the lack of test agents.

The announcement said that Libya urgently needs more nucleic acid test agents to meet the increasing number of tests.

In addition, the salaries and compensation of the staff of the epidemic monitoring agency and quarantine center have been in arrears for a long time, and the announcement called on the Libyan government department to pay the remuneration due to these staff as soon as possible.

The announcement also said that large gatherings in most Libyan cities in recent days will lead to an increase in the infection rate of the novel coronavirus, which will make quarantine centers that are already under great pressure even more overwhelmed.

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