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Libya launches operations to clear coastal road mines and remnants of war

Prime Minister of Libya's National Unity Government announces that he will participate in the presidential election

The Libyan Herald reported on the 11th local time that according to the decision of the Libyan “5+5” Joint Military Committee, military engineers from the Libyan warring sides have launched a coastal road clearance of mines and remnants of war.

This is one of the provisions established in the Geneva ceasefire agreement signed on October 23, 2020.

According to the report, engineers from the Libyan warring sides began demining work in designated areas on their respective sides of the military line of contact in preparation for the opening of the coastal road from Sirte to Misrata.

The road has been closed since the Libyan National Army launched a military operation against the capital Tripoli in April 2019.

It is reported that after the demining work is completed, the two sides will redeploy their troops along the military line of contact.

The seventh round of Libya’s “5+5” Joint Military Committee meeting held this month decided to begin the clearance of coastal road mines and remnants of war on February 10.

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