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Lebanese President meets with the Prime Minister-designate to communicate and form a cabinet. No new progress has been made.

Several rockets were fired at Israel in the southern border area of Lebanon

Lebanon's cabinet formation process stalls, Prime Minister-designate Hariri is questioned

According to the Lebanese State News Agency, on the 12th local time, Lebanese President Aune met with Prime Minister-designate Hariri, who returned home, and the two sides communicated on the formation of the cabinet.

Hariri briefed President Awn on his visit to some Arab countries and France, while saying that he still insisted on forming a new cabinet of 18 technocrats, and that no Lebanese cauca alliance could hold more than one-third of the seats.

On the same day, the Information Office of the Lebanese Presidential Palace issued a statement saying that Hariri had not proposed any new cabinet formation plan, and no new progress had been made in cabinet formation.

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