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Lebanese people fired shots to celebrate the New Year and killed Syrian refugees unexpectedly.

The new round of Astana talks on Syria supports the Syrian people-led political dialogue

△The United Nations World Food Programme provides food and other relief to Syrian refugees.

Lebanese media reported on January 1, 2021 that some people in the country fired guns to celebrate the New Year, and a stray bullet accident killed a Syrian refugee.

According to the Lebanese National News Agency, a Syrian woman “succumbed to stray bullets in the head” in a refugee camp in Balbek in eastern Lebanon.

In addition, Lebanese Middle Eastern Airlines told the media that a passenger plane parked on the apron of Beirut Airport was hit by stray bullets, damaged and needed repair.

Some Lebanese like to celebrate festivals by firing guns, although this behavior violates the laws of the country. Since the end of 2020, Lebanese security forces have repeatedly warned people on social media not to shoot guns in the air, especially near the airport.

Although Lebanon ended the civil war in 1990, the possession of firearms in the country is still widespread today, and stray bullet deaths occur from time to time. Lebanese footballer Mohamed Atvi was hit by stray bullets in August 2020 and died in September of the same year.

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