Lebanese Defense Minister calls on people to remain calm during special periods

△Akkar, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense of the Lebanese caretaker government (data picture)

According to Lebanese media reports, on the 27th, Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister of the Lebanese caretaker government, Akar, issued a statement condemning the attack on the security forces by some demonstrators in Tripoli on the evening of the 26th, injuring 31 Lebanese soldiers.

Akkar said that the Lebanese army and security services have always been committed to protecting people’s security and the right to peaceful demonstration, and called on the people to remain calm during special periods.

On the 27th, protests in Beirut, Tripoli, Saida, Bekaa, Shan Province and other places continued.

Among them, demonstrators in Tripoli continued to storm municipal buildings and clashed with the security forces.

△Protest scene

Recently, the COVID-19 epidemic in Lebanon has accelerated, and the authorities have extended the national blockade.

Some people objected to the lockdown because the measures cut off the income sources of the Lebanese people and increased the difficulties in life.