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Large-scale snowfall in 16 days! Chicago has the longest snowfall since 1979.

Large-scale snowfall in 16 days! Chicago has the longest snowfall since 1979.

Recently, many parts of the United States have encountered severe cold weather.

The continuous snowfall not only hinders normal traffic, but also causes large-scale power outages, which seriously affects the normal life of the people.

Behind me is Lake Michigan. You can see that many lakes along the coast are not only frozen, but also covered with snow layer by layer. In fact, according to the practice of previous years, if Lake Michigan freezes, the water vapor in the air will decrease, which will also reduce the probability of snowfall.

It can also be seen that the intensity of this cold current sweeping the whole United States this year is very strong.

Chicago has been hit by many blizzards in the past week.

The streets of the whole city are covered with a thick layer of snow, making it extremely difficult to travel.

CCTV reporter Liu Xiaoyu: You can see that the three white snowdrifts behind me are actually three cars, because they parked on the road all night and are now completely covered by snow.

Behind me was originally the stairs of a family, but under the cover of heavy snow, the steps were completely invisible and turned into a slide.

According to the snowfall report released by the National Weather Service on the 16th, the Chicago area has experienced 16 days of large-scale snowfall in the past 23 days, which is the longest snowfall in the region since 1979.

Snowstorms pose a threat to people’s safe travel.

Although more than 200 snow removers have been deployed in Chicago, traffic accidents still occur frequently.

As of the 15th local time, there were at least 17 car accidents caused by blizzards in the Chicago area, including 3 deaths and 5 injuries.

Snow covered 45 centimeters in parts of Chicago O’Hare International Airport, causing delays in at least 351 flights.

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