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Kyrgyzstan parliamentary election postponed until June 1 next year

Kyrgyzstan parliamentary election postponed until June 1 next year

The Information Bureau of the President of Kyrgyzstan announced on the 22nd local time that the President of Kyrgyzstan

Sadr Zaparov, signed a decree on the same day to suspend the implementation of

certain provisions in the electoral law and postpone the resumption of parliamentary elections to June 2021. 1 day before.

According to the Russian media Interfax News Agency, at the Kyrgyzstan parliament meeting held on the 22nd

Akirbek Zaparov and other members proposed to suspend parliamentary elections and suspend the legal effect of

parliamentary election clauses in the election law.

It is recommended that parliamentary elections be held after the completion of the constitutional reform. Most members of the

parliament supported this proposal, and later that day, President Yoshidai confirmed it in the form of a decree.

The Kyrgyzstan Assembly pointed out in an explanatory document that the main reasons for the

suspension and postponement of parliamentary elections are the unoptimistic domestic situation

the decline in economic vitality, the reduction in government revenue and the impact of the Coronavirus epidemic. 

The Kyrgyz government has confirmed a fiscal deficit of 36 billion soms (about 400 billion usd) in 2020. 

The Information Bureau of the Kyrgyz Central Election Commission stated on the 21st that the parliamentary

The preliminary funding budget for the election organization is 456 million soms (about 500 million usd).

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