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Kuwaiti Prime Minister submitted his resignation before one month of office.

Sabah Khaled reappointed as Kuwait's prime minister

△Sheikh Sabah Khalid, photographed from Kuwait State News Agency

January 13th local time, Kuwait’s state news agency reported that Kuwaiti Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Khalid submitted his resignation to the head of state, Emir Sheikh Nawaf Sabah.

Prior to this, Kuwaiti cabinet ministers asked the Prime Minister’s collective resignation on the 12th after the request of members of the National Assembly on issues such as the formation of a cabinet.

The Kuwaiti cabinet with Sabah Khalid as Prime Minister was sworn in on December 14 last year.

During the inauguration ceremony, Sabah Khalid said that in the important historical period of the current rapidly changing external situation, the new cabinet needs to unite and cooperate, formulate a feasibility plan and promote comprehensive reform to achieve the progress and prosperity of the country.

For a long time, the relationship between the Kuwaiti Cabinet and Parliament has been tense.

Members of the Kuwaiti National Assembly have initiated many inquiries against cabinet ministers, and the motion for questioning automatically expires after the resignation of the Cabinet.

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