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Kudrin, Director of the Audit Office of the Russian Federation, was infected with COVID-19.

Russia's "Doomsday Plane" was strangely stolen, which may lead to "highly confidential information leakage"

Alexei Kudrin, Auditor General of the Russian Federation

December 2nd local time, Alexei Kudrin, the Auditor General of the Russian Federation, announced on his social media that he was infected with the novel coronavirus. Kudrin said he tested positive for the novel coronavirus and is currently in stable condition and is receiving treatment and self-isolation.

On the same day, the chairman of the Russian Federation Council (Upper House of Parliament) Valentina Matveyanko began to self-isolate after contact with confirmed cases of COVID-19. Russian President Press Secretary Peskov said that President Putin had not met with the two before, and all contacts were conducted remotely by video.

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