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Kremlin: Putin is ready to have a dialogue with Biden as long as the United States wants.

Zakharova: The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has registered a TikTok account

Zaharova. Source: Satellite Society

Russian President’s press secretary Peskov said on the 24th that Russia is ready to engage in dialogue with the new U.S. President Biden as long as the United States wishes to narrow the differences between the two countries.

According to Reuters on the 24th, Peskov said that this will be a conversation to clarify the bilateral differences between Russia and the United States, aiming to find some rational cores and enhance relations between Russia and the United States.

Peskov also pointed out that if the current U.S. government plans to talk to the United States, Russian President Putin will undoubtedly respond the same.

On the evening of January 23, local time, spokesman of the Russian Foreign Ministry Zaharova said that the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs had urgently summoned U.S. diplomats in Russia, and Russia asked the U.S. diplomats to explain the U.S. Embassy’s announcement of the time and place of the demonstrations in major Russian cities on January 23.

On the same day, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement on its official website firmly opposing the interference of the U.S. Embassy in Russia in Russia’s internal affairs.

Reuters reported that Russia accused the United States of interfering in Russian protests to support detained Russian opposition personnel Navalline.

At the same time, the United States also called on the Russian authorities on the 23rd to release the protesters and journalists detained during the demonstration, and condemned the Russian police for using “cruel means” against them.

Earlier, the White House said on the 21st that the new President Biden planned to extend the upcoming U.S.-Russia New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty for five years, responding to the Russian Foreign Office’s statement on the 20th that extending the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty for five years was the best option.

In recent years, Russia-US relations have been tense, and the two countries have obvious differences on cybersecurity, energy security, arms control and regional hot spots.

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