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Kenya bans the import of used cars older than 8 years old

Kenya bans the import of used cars older than 8 years old

Kenya’s Flag reported on December 14 that the Kenya Standards Agency has strengthened the supervision of imported used cars, prohibiting the import of second-hand cars older than eight years in a statement issued by the Bureau to vehicle importers, citizens of Kenya, diplomats and the public.

This means that the deadline for the first registered used vehicles in 2013 to enter Kenya is 31 December 2020, and from 1 January 2021, only right-rudder vehicles first registered in 2014 will be allowed to enter.

The Kenya Standards Agency said that any second-hand car first registered in 2013 will be deemed to be non-conforming and refused entry, and the importer will bear the loss if it arrives after December 31, 2020.

According to the latest research of Trends and Insights in Africa, 85% of Kenya’s imported cars are second-hand cars. In 2019, the Ken government proposed a series of new measures aimed at protecting local car assemblers, making it more difficult and expensive to import used cars.

The Kenyan government also plans to further restrict the age of imported used cars, which is expected to be reduced from eight to five years, which will also help Kenya strengthen road safety management and reduce air pollution.

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