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Kazakhstan has registered its own “Sputnik V” coronavirus vaccine.

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Fact picture: Russia's first coronavirus vaccine "Sputnik V". Photo by Wang Xiujun, reporter of China News Service

According to the Russian Sputnik News Agency on February 15, the Information Office of Karaganda Pharmaceutical Factory in Kazakhstan announced that Kazakhstan has registered the “Sputnik V” coronavirus vaccine produced at the factory.

According to previous reports, Kazakhstan began to use the Russian-produced “Sputnik V” vaccine on February 1.

At present, Karakanda Pharmaceutical Factory has begun to produce “Sputnik V” vaccine from Russian ingredients.

According to preliminary calculations, at the end of February this year, it is planned to provide about 90,000 doses of the “Sputnik V” vaccine produced by the pharmaceutical factory to all regions of the country.

In addition, starting from the second quarter of this year, it is planned to start using the “QazCovid-in” vaccine developed by Kazakhstan, which is currently in the third stage of clinical trials.

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