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Jordan’s Prime Minister asked Jordan’s Minister of Home Affairs and Justice to resign.

February 28, local time, Jordanian Prime Minister Bisher al-Khasawneh asked Interior Minister Samir Mobaideen and Justice Minister Basam Taluhoni at a cabinet meeting on the same day.

Bassam Talhouni) resigned on the grounds that they violated Jordanian defense law.

△ Jordanian Interior Minister Samir Mo Biden (left) Jordanian Attorney General Basam Taluphoni (right) (Image source: local media)

It is understood that the two ministers attended a banquet in a hotel before.

They violated the National Defense Law because the number of banquets exceeded the required number.

According to local media, so far, Attorney General Basam Taluphoni has publicly said that he has officially resigned, and Interior Minister Samir Mobden has not responded to this.

In March 2020, the Jordanian government announced the initiation of a national defense law in March 2020, under which a series of executive orders placed strict requirements and restrictions on people’s travel and activities during the pandemic.

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