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Johnson leisurely rides and chats in the park during the lockdown. British Ministry of Health: Compliance

Johnson leisurely rides and chats in the park during the lockdown. British Ministry of Health: Compliance

British Prime Minister Johnson (GETTY)

January 12th – British Prime Minister Johnson rode his bicycle in the Olympic Park 7 kilometers from Downing Street on Sunday (10th), raising public questions about his violation of epidemic prevention regulations during the British blockade.

But the UK health department said Johnson’s behavior was “compliant”.

According to British media sources, a witness said that Johnson was “cycling and chatting with another guy in a hat casually.

Four security personnel were behind them, maybe more than four”. The woman, who declined to be named, added: “I was shocked to see him riding so leisurely considering the current epidemic. He also advised people to stay at home.”

According to the British Health Department, according to official regulations, people can exercise once a day and should not leave their areas. Johnson’s behaviour at the Olympic Park and security members in East London are in compliance with their bicycles.

The source said that Johnson was working out at that time, “he also talked about it at the meeting last night. He rides around the park and worries if people are all following the rules.”

When asked about this at a press conference, a Downing Street spokesman declined to comment.

And Matt Hancock, the British Health Minister, said of Johnson’s cycling exercise: “Yes, you can go to the park with one person, but you can only go to this person.”

Hancock added: “If you are with a large group of people, you can’t. You should keep a distance of more than 2 meters from another person. If too many people break the rules, then we must re-examine the regulations. But I don’t want to do this.

Because for many people who can walk with friends, this is usually their only social connection.

He also stressed, “It doesn’t matter if you walk a long way and seven kilometers away from home. But you should stay there and not go from country to country, which may bring the virus.”

But Andy Slaughter, a British Labour MP, accused Mr. Johnson of hypocrisy.

“London is the region with the highest infection rate in Britain. Boris Johnson should lead by example.”

Johnson has announced a new lockdown on Jan. 4, closing schools and non-essential stores. Johnson said that the highly infectious variant of the novel coronavirus, first discovered in the UK, spread so quickly that it may overwhelm the NHS in 21 days.

media reported on the 10th that Johnson and his cabinet are considering continuing to tighten the nationwide epidemic lockdown measures.

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