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Johnson apologizes for “chaotic” hairstyle and insists that “I really have combed my hair”

British Prime Minister: Coronavirus testing will be provided twice a week for everyone in England.

On April 12, British Prime Minister Johnson, who had just been discharged from the hospital, recorded a video speech at the Prime Minister's Office at 10 Downing Street in London, England. Xinhua News Agency (Photo by the British Prime Minister's Office)

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has recently been “soul tortured” by reporters for his messy hairstyle. According to the British Manchester Evening News on the 19th, Johnson visited the Greater Manchester area on the 18th.

It rained and was accompanied by a strong wind in Greater Manchester that day, and Johnson’s hair looked like it had not been taken care of.

A local reporter asked Johnson a question about hairstyle and said that he was helping his mother ask, “Why don’t you ever comb your hair? Your hair is always everywhere, and she (the reporter’s mother) wants to know why?” I really combed my hair!” Johnson smiled helplessly and said, “This has something to do with my hair, but I can tell you that I really have a comb.

I also put a comb in my office!” I apologize for my hair and please convey the best Christmas wishes to your mother for me. I will try my best to take care of my hair.

This interview episode triggered a heated discussion, and some netizens were surprised to ask: “Is this also called ‘overcombing your head’? Are you sure you’re combed?” Some people also joked: “If we don’t have a qualified hairstyle, the school won’t let us go in.” According to the British Daily Mail on the 18th, the latest “sind” haircut of the Prime Minister was in early November.

About two weeks ago, he personally “cut” his hair at home to save trouble, and then went to Brussels to negotiate Brexit with the European Union in “chaotic” hair.

Critics think it’s simply “the annual crime of the fashion industry”; Walter, founder of Salon 64, a well-known London beauty and hairdressing agency, sarcastically, “2020 is a very difficult year for everyone, and Johnson’s hair just confirms that.”

Johnson’s aides recently admitted to the media that the main reason why the Prime Minister is not too slender is that he has to deal with the coronavirus epidemic and negotiate Brexit negotiations, which is really not enough to separate.

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