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Jill Biden: The most rebellious first lady of the United States in history?

She positioned herself as a lifelong educator. Military mother. Grandma. Sister.” Finally, it is “Biden’s wife”.

As Biden enters the countdown to his move into the White House, Jill Biden will become the latest first lady of the United States. After experiencing Melania with a poker face all day, many American netizens are looking forward to the future of the first lady.

Today, let’s dig deep into the first lady of the United States who doesn’t want to be the first lady.

Two marriages of rebellious girls

Jill Biden, born Jill Tracy Jacobs, was born on June 3, 1951 in Hammonton, New Jersey. However, she grew up with four sisters in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania.

Jill when she was young

Jill’s father is a bank teller and his mother is a housewife. As the eldest daughter of the five sisters in the family, Jill was very independent from an early age and made it clear that she wanted to have “my own money, my own identity, my own career”, so she began her first job at the age of 15 – working in a restaurant.

Jill was very rebellious in high school. She was a headache for teachers. She likes to date boys and have fun with friends. The “rebellion” continued to college. Jill originally studied fashion marketing at a college in Pennsylvania, but she had a bad time. In her twenties, she married Bill Stevenson, a college football player she met before graduating from high school, and decided to go to the University of Delaware with him. Learn English there.

As the days progress, conflict arises between the two young people and begin to “grow in different ways” and when Gil is a junior, their marriage comes to an end.” The days are getting harder and emotionally broken,” she said. “But I know I’m going to end it, and my heart is determined.” The five-year marriage ended.

The next few days are a little beautiful and miserable. In order to make money, Jill, in his early 20s, worked five jobs, one of which was a part-time model.

Jill’s model photo

One day in 1975, the man in her life named Biden appeared. While waiting for the bus at the bus stop, the man was fascinated by Jill on the billboard.

At this time, Biden is already one of the youngest senators in American history. Although he has emerged in politics, fate jokes about him – a car accident that killed his wife and daughter, two sons survived the car accident, but one of them was seriously injured.

For a long time, Biden’s life was dark. He lost his feelings for girls. But this time, he fell in love with Jill at first sight.

Coincidentally, Biden’s younger brother who was studying at the University of Delaware happened to know the girl and asked for her phone from a friend. It was an ordinary Saturday, and Jill suddenly received a strange phone call, “How did you have my mobile phone number?” It became the first thing Gill said to Biden.

Their first date was to go to the cinema to watch “A Man and a Woman”. At that time, Jill was still in her senior year. She felt that he and the nine-year-old man were impossible. Unexpectedly, the two of them got along very well.

What is unexpected is that Biden proposed five times before it was successful. The first four times Jill said with a lot of opinion that the time has not come.

Probably because she had an immature marriage when she was young, and Jill, who has been experienced in life, knew what a marriage meant to a woman. She did not want to act hasty anymore.

Jill later explained that considering that she was just starting to be a teacher and her plans to study for postgraduate, and because of Biden’s political status, she was under some public pressure, let alone want to give up her teaching career and become full-time childcare.

One of the more important reasons is, “Because at that time, I fell in love with his two lovely sons, which made me feel that the marriage must be successful. Because two children have lost their biological mother, I can’t let them lose another mother. So I have to be 100% sure, which is a big step for me. I was only 25 years old when we got married, which was too important for me at that time when I was young.

Jill and Biden’s two sons get along well.

In June 1977, Biden and Jill went to New York by train, obtained a marriage certificate at a Brooklyn court, and then married at the United Nations Church. Everything was simple and very low-key.

Three years later, they have the crystallization of love – a beautiful girl, Ashley Blazer.

Biden and Jill form a happy family.

From housewife to female doctor

After two years as a housewife, Jill is no longer satisfied with just being a full-time housewife. She decided to start reading and working again. Briefly describe her counterattack story. After becoming the mother of three children, she got two master’s degrees and a doctorate with her own money, and started her own educational career. She has been teaching in community colleges. Everyone mentions that she is also called “Dr” respectfully. Biden (Dr. Biden).

Jill celebrates graduation with Biden, Biden’s two sons and Ashley

On the one hand, they have to take care of three young children, and on the other hand, they have to continue to study further education. Women in the workplace will certainly feel the hardships here. But Jill obviously enjoys this life of freely switching between home, study and work. 

The only exception is that she doesn’t like life in the spotlight and wants to stay away from politics. 

Because of this selfishness, she once did not want her husband to climb too high.

Many years ago, when relevant people came home to persuade Biden to run for president, Jill wrote a big “NO” on her belly to express her opinion to her husband.

She is very resistant to standing in public to speak or shout some political slogans. Who knows that fate is playing tricks on people? She has to go through such things three times!

In 1987, Biden was with his wife and children when he first announced his presidential campaign.

Once Biden makes a choice, Jill will still support it wholeheartedly. It’s just that she knows exactly what’s important and what doesn’t, and every time she stands up with Biden unconditionally when he really needs her.

At this year’s election rally, someone shouted at Biden and felt that he was about to do something. Jill jumped out of his chair and drove the man out.

In addition, she still insists on doing what she loves most – teaching and educating people. From 1993 to 2008, Gill was a lecturer in English and writing at Delaware Technical Community College.

Biden served as vice president under Obama administration, and Gill also served as the “second lady” for eight years. During this time, she was a professor of English at Northern Virginia Community College and became the first American “Second Lady” to retain a paid job while her husband was vice president.

Now, Jill is likely to become the first “First Lady” in American history to work full-time. Because she told CBS, “I will continue to teach. I want people to cherish teachers, know their contributions, and support this profession.”

In response, many people laughed at her for being too “crazy” for this decision, but she said she just likes work.” I’m a working woman. Education is my passion, my love career, what I have been doing, and the focus of my life, so I believe that I can balance my career while doing the first lady well.

As the wife of a politician whose life is constantly amplified, Jill spends most of the time very low-key and focuses on her teaching career except for a few election campaigns. For most Americans, the first impression of her was in August, where she gave a nine-minute speech at the Democratic National Convention, in which Jill said, “It’s not what I do, but my identity.” Teaching is not what I do. It’s who I am.)

In August this year, Jill talked about what education means to him on her social account.

In her profile, her positioning is–

“Lifelong educator. Military mother. Grandma. Sister.” Finally, it is “Biden’s wife”.

Years ago, when his son Beau Biden also began to enter politics, Jill told his daughter-in-law: “Make sure you have your own things to do, make sure you don’t always wait at home, make sure you feel independent financially and mentally.”

It’s really “rebellious” to see this 69-year-old independent woman who has been running for 22 years, even if she becomes the first lady and can still be herself unswervingly!

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